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Manglik Dosh is considered with utmost attention when two people have to be bound together in the relationship of marriage. Why Manglik dosh has been given such significance is because of its adverse effects on marriage and life after marriage. In some cases, it also impacts on the behavior, character, health, wealth, business and career of the influenced person. There are different impacts on different aspects of the life of the influenced person according to the houses Mars positioned in. Mars is a fierce and hostile planet which affects the life negatively if it comes in 2nd, 4 th, 5th, 8th and 12th out of 12 houses in the horoscope or natal chart. Pt. Mahesh Kumar is well known for the solutions to Manglik dosh. He has been serving the people especially in India for Manglik dosh as our cultures have a belief system based on kundali and Raashi when coming to the marriage.

How Manglik Dosh Affects The Life

Manglik dosh affects the life in the worse way it could with respect to the relationships between spouses. If Manglik dosha doesn’t get canceled it even may cause death of the spouse of one who is under its effect.

Followings are the most recurrent and common challenges of Manglik Dosh.

The risk to the spouse’s life – Manglik Dosh Effects on Marriage are terrible. Manglik dosh also known as Bhom dosha, Angarakha dosha and Kuja dosha as per Vedic astrology creates the risk to the spouse’s life of the person. The hostile Mars if influencing someone can ruin married life by taking the life of the native person’s partner. It can also leave him/her sick for life time.

Manglik Dosh
Mangal dosh creates differences and fights – Mangal dosh creates differences on the emotional and mental level with the spouse of the native person which breaks up the relationship to the point of divorce. It gives way to the fights and disputes with the spouse that just makes the situation miserable and painful. If Mars comes in combination with 2 more harmful planets or 4 more destructive planets then the effect upon the person goes even worse.

Reduces the chances of getting married – A person may remain unmarried throughout his/her life under its influence. Manglik Dosh Effects on Marriage chances are adverse. The effect of Mars doesn’t let you settle down for marriage. It intensifies the chances of being unmarried for a long time. The person may become unable to get married till the later age of his life.
Impacts on financial Conditions – Mangal dosh also afflicts the financial condition of the person under control. There remain challenges in the professional life of the person. Getting success becomes a matter of struggle and hardships.

Mars on 12th house – There are detrimental impacts on Mars if it positions in the 12 th house. The 12 th house is the house for indulgence into materials and expenditure, happiness and travelling of the person. But if the Mars lies in the house then it affects native’s family economical condition and his/her moral values. Though the harmful effects can be minimized through effective Mangal Dosha Remedies.

Unhealthy and Aggressive Life partner

If a person has Manglik dosha in 7th house, it’s likely to get married to an unpleasant, unhealthy and aggressive life partner. These factors are not merely accountable for stress in life but it also increases the fights and arguments with native’s spouse.
These are the major effects of Manglik dosh which determine the quality of native’s life to a big extent. These problems can be sorted out by several remedies and the impacts could be normalized to a certain limit. Pt. Mahesh Kumar is an expert in the field of astronomy and capable enough to provide Mangal Dosha Remedies for the better life of the influenced person.

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